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LUCSOR IMPEX SRL integrates management system for alimentation safety SR EN ISO 22000 / 2005 si ISO 9001: 2008  Quality Management System controls every process starting reception of goods with product, availability and storage terms check.


SR EN ISO 22000: 2005

ISO 22000 Standards: 2005 – Food safety management systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain represents the first international standard for Food Safety Management System. Food safety is a concept according to which none of the products would create harm to the consumer if preparation and consumption recommendations are followed.

ISO 22000 identifies, evaluated and controls all physical, chemical and biological threats generated by stocks, storehouses, environment, personnel, equipment of production processes. One of these measures is HACCP system (threat analysis and management of critical points control)

ISO/TS 220002-1:9

ISO/TS 220002-1:9 standar enounces the requirements reffering to the premises needed for realising safe food products with no threat for human consumption. It completes the ISO 22000:2005 standard. The standard defines the food products safety management systems requirements and specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing and maintaining premise programs projected to support food products producers to control:

  • the probability of introducing risks related to food products safety through work environment;
  • biological, chemical and pshisical contamination of products, especially cross contamination between products;
  • risk levels related to food products safety in the products and their production stages.

FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000 certification and implementations represents one of the guarantees offered by our company to both beneficiaries and suppliers ensuring that the quality and safety of food products are top priority in our current activity. All processes are according to procedures and technical requirements specific to the system. 


Excellence Diploma for Lucsor Impex

2012 – 2014